Tipton…We Shall Overcome

Tipton is my home town, I’m proud to come from there and live there, I’m proud it’s multicultural and the community will get through this new difficulty.

The media is stoking up the usual shit. The bomb has shocked the community, fortunately no one was hurt. but the media are now spinning it out of all comprehension. I live 5 mins walk from the mosque and no one in my street heard the explosion. I have been contacted by a friend in Surrey who has asked if I’m ok because it’s on their news about the ‘riots last night’ ? !!! What fucking riots?!!!
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Wear Red On Wed - Peaceful Protest Against Margaret Thatcher

Wear Red On Wed | Protest Against Thatcher

Wear Red On Wed in a mounting by the minute peaceful protest against this absolute diabolical move by Tory Trash HQ to make this a Party Political white wash (or should that be blue rinse) of a fiasco of a funeral for that hateful old cow Thatcher at a disgusting cost of around £10 million to the tax payer of this country, please join this campaign to Wear Red On Wed https://www.facebook.com/WearRedOnThe17thApril Twitter via @WearRedOnWed

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The Spirit Of 45

The Spirit of 45

Just back from seeing the excellent Ken Loach documentary film The Spirit of 45 https://www.thespiritof45.com/ – it was like a chat with my old grandad bless him x GO AND SEE IT it’ll help get you through the next week of Tory shit.

When I came out the cinema a guy said “bit of a socialist dream”…I replied “well you’ve now woke up and back in a capitalist nightmare”!

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Wear Red On Wed - Peaceful Protest Against Margaret Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher – Which Side Are You On?

To say I cheered and had a smile on my face at the news today of the Iron Lady’s death is an understatement…the release I felt was Gladsome!

I thought of my old Grandad and how he raged at her policies, her party of sycophantic old school tie cronies and her ‘going to war’ on Socialism in this country. She bought a chilling ‘I’m Alright Jack fuck the rest‘ attitude to this land and its populace – which has eaten the soul and social fabric away.

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From Tipton to England

There’s a great little book been published on the history of Tipton Town FC by ex player and club stalwart Steve Mills. It’s a lovely tribute to the spirit of the club, a great documented history and loads of amusing tales from across the years from ex players and club members. Steve has done a great job on the book and it’s a fitting tribute to him and the club. The book retails for £7 and can be obtained by contacting Steve on 07751 954179 or stevemills@wlv.ac.uk.

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Wolverhampton Books & Collectables

Again we look at the hidden gems of the local high street, those hidden individual shops that are unique to each town and city.

Today we spend a leisurely afternoon in Wolverhampton Books & Collectables, Wolverhampton’s Very Own Cornucopia of Nostalgic Artefacts…

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Ronnie Lane – “Anymore for Anymore”

Gary O’Dea reminisces about his continuing passion for the music of Ronnie Lane, The Small Faces, The Faces and Slim Chance.

“Music has the ability to make you cry, laugh, shout, scream, jump about like some demented hallucinating visitor from the planet Zog or, just stop you dead.


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Hillsborough Tragedy – Standing Tall Against 23 Years of Shit and Lies

Absolute admiration to the families of the Hillsborough deceased. Ordinary people standing tall against a pile of 23 years of shit and lies and a diabolical cover up by South Yorkshire Police, a scum media based in Rupert Murdochs Media Empire and headed by The Suns Editor Kelvin Mackenzie (an arsehole of the biggest kind) and all wrapped up in the gory colours of Thatchers reign and political legacy…which shamefully successful governments – including Labour – did nothing to about.

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Match of the Day – Another Football Rant

Match of The Day… I watched again last night… I do love the game you see – just not how it’s played by today’s ‘stars’…because they don’t shine for me!

I suppose I’m still hoping for a glimmer of the Olympic spirit etc…but that’s totally alien to the players in the game of football – it’s just about winning…anyway / anyhow. In the Olympics however we actually saw how when things are won in the right way it makes all the difference.

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Football’s Back – And I’m Not Happy!

Football’s Back – And I’m Not Happy!

Same old same old for me…I watched…but not with the enthusiasm I watched the Olympics. When Match of The Day finished I wasn’t elated or even dejected…just disappointed.

Didn’t see any difference in players – for example on reaching the 18 yard box they still become susceptible to the slightest contact and even a slight breeze and down they go and a penalty…and the opposing player gets sent off…sorry it just ain’t for me any more.

Studio panels of boring average ex players who talk it up to keep themselves in a cushty little number of a job. If they had to ‘sell’ the same sort of drivel on a doorstep they’d get door after door slammed in their face.

No…not for me any more.

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