Tipton…We Shall Overcome

Tipton is my home town, I’m proud to come from there and live there, I’m proud it’s multicultural and the community will get through this new difficulty.

The media is stoking up the usual shit. The bomb has shocked the community, fortunately no one was hurt. but the media are now spinning it out of all comprehension. I live 5 mins walk from the mosque and no one in my street heard the explosion. I have been contacted by a friend in Surrey who has asked if I’m ok because it’s on their news about the ‘riots last night’ ? !!! What fucking riots?!!!

The town suffered from rubbish media portrayal years ago with the ‘Tipton Taliban’ slur on the town…so just fuck off with your bollox! You have a responsibility to report the truth, you have once again been lacking in this! The police corned half the town off last night…it was a complete joke…but none of it is funny…its just wrong…both the planting of the device, and the reaction / reporting of it from the media, and the reaction of the police…all it was was to Alarm and stoke the fires of hate. It’s piss poor on all accounts!

Tipton for ever!

Tipton…We Shall Overcome

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