The Face Magazine – The First 50 Issues

The Face magazine was a monthly independent music publication launched in May 1980 providing a totally new slant on modern dance music, incorporating a photo-laden style more often seen in the middle class ladies magazines of the day.

It’s style changed immensely during it’s lifetime, originating from a showcase for the popular quasi-independent music acts of the time, before evolving into a lifestyle magazine focusing more on fashion and style trends of youth culture.

Beset by imitators, a loss of direction and identity, The Face began to lose its influence in a crowded market and was closed in May 2004.

These are the covers of it’s golden period, The Face magazine – the first 50 issues:


a few more issues…

Whilst scouring my treasure laden loft, which seems to be trying to imitate a time and relative dimension in space, I found these few odd additional issues of the face magazine…


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16 thoughts on “The Face Magazine – The First 50 Issues

  1. just been going through my music magazine collection and have just found the first 50 copies of the face all in A1 condition would love to find out if worth anything they are all in magazine protection covers bringing back some great memories

    • I suggest the easiest way is to see what they are fetching on E-bay

  2. I was interviewed in an early ‘The Face’ I think 1982 wearing a painted wedding dress. I lived in Amsterdam at the time. I would happy pay to see a copy of this issue. It was on right hand page, about a quarter page story written by a girl called ‘Robin’ please contact if you have seen/have access to this issue.
    Many thanks
    Jane Tarrant

    • Hi Jane – I’ll take a look over the weekend to see if I can find it. I don’t suppose you know which issue it was in?

    • Well, I scanned my way through 50 editions of the Face and couldn’t find this interview – there is a possibility though that I missed it – sorry.

  3. Hello,
    Just curious if you might be able to help. There was an interview/article on the comic 2000ad in number 21 of the Face. Just wondering if you have that issue and if it would be possible to see it?


  4. Hi
    I remember reading an article on Miles Davis, and I believe I also read one on Nina Simone. Very powerful. Can you tell me which issues these articles were in.


  5. Hi Maggie – did a quick Google and found these for Miles Davies:

    ‘THE FACE Back Issue No 78 October 1986 featuring articles and interviews with Miles Davis, Arthur Tress, Was (Not Was) David Byrne.*Version*=1&*entries*=0

    Couldn’t find anything for Nina Simone I’m afraid.

  6. Hi i want to sell The Face Magazine collection that i have …..where can i find the price they are going for sale and who can i go to …that would be interested in the collection i have ..

    • Hi – I’m afraid I do not know the answer to that.

      I can only suggest that you do a search on eBay to see what prices issues are fetching

  7. thankyou

  8. hi i wanted to know if you had any scans of the pages of the magazines or if you had any idea of where i could find them.

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