Gary Lammin and the Journey of the Bermondsey Joyriders

Around 1974 Gary Lammin was asked (or did he just turn up) to join his cousin Steve Burgess in a band known as Janus. Within a few months of Lammin joining they’d become Cocksparrer.

There followed The Little Roosters, various other music projects, an acting career and now ladies and gentlemen please welcome to the world stage… The Bermondsey Joyriders

Follow Gary’s musical journey with Cock Sparrer, The Little Roosters and The Bermondsey Joyriders

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London Olympics 2012…Don’t Extinguish the Flame

Well the games are over and what a great two weeks of sporting performances and achievements by Olympians from around the world…and none more so than Team GB… and the great British public.

Their legacy is to Inspire A Nation and I really hope that the two week phenomenon of inspirational performances that have lifted the people of this county like I’ve never experienced before and united it really does carry on.

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Inspire a Generation – British Olympics – The New Rock N’ Roll

Sat Aug 4th 2012… greatest ever day/night in British Olympic / Sporting history – fantastic performances and crowds from our athletes, rowers, cyclists etc etc…and fittingly our footballers get knocked out in penalties! Pah…prima-donas the lot of them and shouldn’t have been entered…women football YES…Pro male footballers (especially Premiership footballers) NO…and personally I’m not a supporter of tennis being in BUT well done to Andy Murray for gold in the men’s singles and possible another one in the mixed doubles final as I write this.

Jessica Ennis - Olympic Heptathalon Gold Medal Winner

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Sport, Mediation and Popular Culture

It is widely argued that sporting contests and their mediation have, historically, been central to the development of notions of “national” culture and identity in modern societies, and that this development is often inflected by notions of race and gender. We took an example of this argument to highlight how we felt it applied to the unique rivalries that exist between Scotland’s Glasgow Celtic and Glasgow Rangers and Spain’s F C Barcelona and Real Madrid and what the implications are of the approach for our understanding of sport and power relations in society?

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Bankers Greed - Murdoch's Lies

Bankers’ Greed, Murdoch’s Lies…Fat Cats and the Babylon that is Extreme Capitalism

Bankers’ Greed, Murdoch’s Lies, to sum it up… It’s simply wrong, madness and it’s destroying society, common decent values of fairness and law and order.

It is now complete madness how powerful some of these people and institutions become and end up ‘beyond the law’ that applies to the common man. The type of person ‘extreme capitalism’ produces is without any moral fibre… they are a diseased individual fuelled on greed and power and they need stamping out with a big boot.

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Birmingham Library – possibly the ugliest library building in the world?

Does anyone actually like the new Birmingham Library building? Why have they covered the outside in what looks to me like barbed wire?…it’s a library for gods sake! Why make it look so unwelcoming, harsh and incarcerating?

It’s supposed to be a building of learning, culture, education etc…it looks like a prison!!!

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Skinheads – The 1960’s Subculture, Pop Culture and Counter Culture

This is a look back at the last great ‘working class’ youth subculture…the original Skinheads movement of the late 1960’s.

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Football is Music…the Bob Marley Effect.

Football… the beautiful game, the people’s game and so on… we’ve heard all the one liners… but there’s one prophet that stated ‘Football is Music’… and that was one Robert Nesta Marley.

Bob loved football and played it with the same skill and dedication that he played his music and according to his good friend 70s Jamaican footballer Alan ‘Skill’ Cole ‘if music hadn’t been his guiding light he could have been a pro in Jamaica’.

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Why Defining ‘Culture’ is a Site of Contestation

Culture continues to be contested and struggles free of being pinned down because it belongs to no one. We have our own culture / cultures which we are a part of but it is continually evolving.

So many lifestyles, attitudes, art forms and social activities have used the word culture in describing their beliefs, actions and pastimes, that it is now commonly used. The ‘music culture’, ‘football culture’, ‘film culture’, ‘pub culture’, ‘theatre culture’ and so on.

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