Wear Your Old Band T-Shirt to Work Day VI

Today 6 Music celebrates its annual ‘Wear Your Old Band T-Shirt To Work Day’. Now in its sixth year, the station asks listeners to participate in the day by simply wearing one of their favourite band t-shirts to work.

In recent years, t-shirts have been worn under lab coats, in classrooms and by whole offices. Those getting involved are asked to send in pictures of themselves in their t-shirts to the 6 Music website and via Twitter and Facebook.

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Talking to myself: Twitter tips

Talking to myself: Twitter tips

In which Heidi Turner reflects on things she wished she had known about Twitter when she first started to use it…

Yes it’s time for myself to show an interview conducted by my favourite interviewer (me), where I interview one of my favourite people (me). If people are confused by this concept, I have done this before so just bear with me.
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80s Pop Culture Magazines

80′s Pop Culture Magazines… and More…

Again searching through the trivia of a previous existence, I stumbled across several ‘lifestyle’ Magazines from the early 80’s up to the present day.

This collection is a cornucopia of the music, fashion, sport and life styles of the times.

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Wear your old t-shirt to work day V

Today is BBC Radio 6 Music’s 5th ‘Wear your old band t-shirt to work day’ and I’m sure that many of you dear readers will be bearing clothing emblazoned with the names of your favourite groups.

Last year I wore a touching little number from Stourbridge’s very own starlets ‘Pop Will Eat Itself’, which dated back to the early 1980’s.

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From Tipton to England

There’s a great little book been published on the history of Tipton Town FC by ex player and club stalwart Steve Mills. It’s a lovely tribute to the spirit of the club, a great documented history and loads of amusing tales from across the years from ex players and club members. Steve has done a great job on the book and it’s a fitting tribute to him and the club. The book retails for £7 and can be obtained by contacting Steve on 07751 954179 or

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Wolverhampton Books & Collectables

Again we look at the hidden gems of the local high street, those hidden individual shops that are unique to each town and city.

Today we spend a leisurely afternoon in Wolverhampton Books & Collectables, Wolverhampton’s Very Own Cornucopia of Nostalgic Artefacts…

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Superman, D.C., and Marvel Comics

Another trek into my dimensionally transindental attic and I find a box of old American super hero comics, mainly Superman comics, mainly from the 70′s, inside a dust covered black bin liner.

These are the scans of the covers of these comics – Sheldon, Leonard, Howard and Raj – eat your hearts out!!!


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The Face Magazine – A Few More Issues…

Whilst scouring my treasure laden loft, which seems to be trying to imitate a time and relative dimension in space, I found these few odd additional issues of the face magazine…


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Pete Boddis’ Vintage Shop – Stourbridge

Sadly these days most high streets are a facsimile of each other, all clean, all perfectly franchised, all boring, all soul less. The independent shops struggle to survive against the high rents and rates and the insipidity of the general public.

There are though, independent jewels in the decaying soul of our shopping high streets which offer something unique to excite, and to make it worthwhile getting up off our lazy arses.

This then, is the first in a series called ‘Our Favourite Shop‘ highlighting these last bastions of inspiration and genuine delight.

Pete Boddis’ Vintage Shop in Stourbridge is one of those wonderful shops that sadly most High Streets now no longer accommodate… the kind of shop that you go into and come out of 3 days later!

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Sport, Mediation and Popular Culture

It is widely argued that sporting contests and their mediation have, historically, been central to the development of notions of “national” culture and identity in modern societies, and that this development is often inflected by notions of race and gender. We took an example of this argument to highlight how we felt it applied to the unique rivalries that exist between Scotland’s Glasgow Celtic and Glasgow Rangers and Spain’s F C Barcelona and Real Madrid and what the implications are of the approach for our understanding of sport and power relations in society?

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