Match of the Day – Another Football Rant

Match of The Day… I watched again last night… I do love the game you see – just not how it’s played by today’s ‘stars’…because they don’t shine for me!

I suppose I’m still hoping for a glimmer of the Olympic spirit etc…but that’s totally alien to the players in the game of football – it’s just about winning…anyway / anyhow. In the Olympics however we actually saw how when things are won in the right way it makes all the difference.

I’ll simply highlight the following from last nights programme…

Torres of Chelsea gets booked for ‘assimilating’ (that’s a PR / marketing / media term for ‘cheating’) he took a blatant dive in the box trying to get a penalty. The referee booked him – but in my view he should have been sent off. Instead – he’s still on the pitch and later he scores a very good goal and Chelsea win 2-0 against Newcastle. So to sum that up…cheats in football do prosper!

Norwich against QPR saw a penalty given by the referee Mark Clattenburg (what a history of poor decisions and games he has to his credit) for a totally innocuous challenge by a Norwich defender on Cisse of QPR (who did nothing other than lose control of the ball and tumble down and should be known as Sissy)!

Cisse missed the penalty but unfortunately the rebound from the Norwich keepers save was hit into the net by QPR’s Bobby Zamora…while ‘Sissy’ held his head in shame – so he should have…the wanker!

Then (oh my rants not finished yet) we go back to the studio pundits for after match analysis (aka – bollock talk) by Match of The Day’s answer to the Muppets Waldorf and Statler – only without the style and humour… Alan Hansen and Mark Lawrenson..Hansen said that the challenge on Sissy Cisse was (and I quote) ‘a stonewall penalty’!

Fuck off you stupid boring talentless pratt…overpaid and overated applies to not only the majority of players but also these ‘ex-players’ (and in most cases very average players) who also jump on footballs media gravy train.

The games well and truly gone mad.

There was one glimmer of satisfaction…Well done The Baggies – good result at Spurs.

Please can I have my game back?

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2 thoughts on “Match of the Day – Another Football Rant

  1. I do not subscribe to Sky Sports as my only interest in football is in my own team.

    I rarely watch MOTD. I tape it, and on a Sunday afternoon I fast forward to the Baggies game. Having been at a game some of the editing can be extremely biased towards the BIG teams (which tends to be the teams with a load of money these days).

    I can’t help it. I don’t love the premier league but I do love the Albion!

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