The Return of … The Pum Pum Wreckers

The Pum Pum Wreckers return with their version of ‘Pleasure’, a song written to help promote the ‘socks n’ chocs’ initiative to provide the homeless of Birmingham. Wolverhampton and Coventry with a few personal comforts at Christmas time.
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Who are These Christmas Pop Stars?

This is the closest that I come to participating in Christmas festivities – a one question Christmas quiz.

Can you name these 2 Christmas Pop Stars from 1969?


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Gary O’Dea’s COSMIC SOULS Album Review

We review Gary O’Dea’s COSMIC SOULS’ new album ‘Looking Forward By Thinking Back‘.

A reworking of some of Gary O’Dea’s vast back catalogue of material, new arrangements lovingly re-moulded and re-worked, utilising a contemporary assembly of minstrels to re-envisage these songs…


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Ronnie Lane – “Anymore for Anymore”

Gary O’Dea reminisces about his continuing passion for the music of Ronnie Lane, The Small Faces, The Faces and Slim Chance.

“Music has the ability to make you cry, laugh, shout, scream, jump about like some demented hallucinating visitor from the planet Zog or, just stop you dead.


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Gary Lammin and the Journey of the Bermondsey Joyriders

Around 1974 Gary Lammin was asked (or did he just turn up) to join his cousin Steve Burgess in a band known as Janus. Within a few months of Lammin joining they’d become Cocksparrer.

There followed The Little Roosters, various other music projects, an acting career and now ladies and gentlemen please welcome to the world stage… The Bermondsey Joyriders

Follow Gary’s musical journey with Cock Sparrer, The Little Roosters and The Bermondsey Joyriders

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Morrissey… Please, Please, Please Stop Embarrassing Me

Oh Morrissey, you are becoming such an embarrassment.

The Smiths are my favourite band of all time and like many devotees I only need the slightest opportunity, the smallest inclination of shown interest, to quote one of your lyrics. Your music has forever had an effect on my lifestyle and emotions. This website was named after one of your songs. I still wear t-shirts adorned by your face… but now I feel the need to hide them from the public gaze.

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Football is Music…the Bob Marley Effect.

Football… the beautiful game, the people’s game and so on… we’ve heard all the one liners… but there’s one prophet that stated ‘Football is Music’… and that was one Robert Nesta Marley.

Bob loved football and played it with the same skill and dedication that he played his music and according to his good friend 70s Jamaican footballer Alan ‘Skill’ Cole ‘if music hadn’t been his guiding light he could have been a pro in Jamaica’.

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Punk Music Single Covers – Punk on 45

I was lucky enough in the winter of 2012 for my brother to generously buy me a Dansette record player as a Christmas present. This led to me clambering up into the loft in search of re-discovering a treasure trove of half forgotten 7″ vinyl memories.

So, here are the scans of my punk music single covers, Punk on 45 – in the words of Sergio Leone, “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”…

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