Wear Red On Wed - Peaceful Protest Against Margaret Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher – Which Side Are You On?

To say I cheered and had a smile on my face at the news today of the Iron Lady’s death is an understatement…the release I felt was Gladsome!

I thought of my old Grandad and how he raged at her policies, her party of sycophantic old school tie cronies and her ‘going to war’ on Socialism in this country. She bought a chilling ‘I’m Alright Jack fuck the rest‘ attitude to this land and its populace – which has eaten the soul and social fabric away.

She took Northern Ireland to an all time low, bought about a pointless and avoidable Falklands War to save her political skin, she sold off (gave away) the Steel Industry, her actions during the Miners strike were woeful and nothing more than contemptible arrogance, her alliances and co-operation with the diabolical press practices of Murdock/MacKenzie et al and the police tactics during it (South Yorkshire – notably also involved with corruption and underhand tactics during the Hillsborough tragedy) has come back to further darken her days in power during 2012 with the Hillsborough report findings and the News International investigation.

She was the ROOT for all that EVIL.

I’ve just seen some of her sycophantic pious old cronies on the TV…plus Cameron and the likes of Blair and Brown who acknowledged her role!!! It’s fucking sickening!!! Oh and she supported Apartheid in South Africa…and had a healthy respect for Pinochets atrocious dictatorship in Chile! One quote was that she was the ‘greatest leader in peace time this country has ever had’!!! What? The Falklands, Northern Ireland, and the war she waged on any opposition to her on the mainland (Miners, Poll Tax) etc…her reign was hardly ‘peace time’!

This country and society of ours paid…and we’re still paying… a high price for what she brought to bear on us! She changed values, destroyed communities, and because she changed the political landscape in this country we now (and for the years since she was in power) suffer the pitiful slimy woeful politicians we have now and that’s why only around 60% of people now bother to vote!

A Thatcher quote “no such thing as society“…oh boy don’t we know it!

She showed no sympathy or empathy for the victims of her harsh, ruthless policies…I have none for her. She divided this country like nothing else…I’d like to dedicate this song to her legacy You Oughta’ Burn https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iHag2_-CmOg

So… Which Side Are You On https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vbddqXib814

A few notable reads you may be interested in viewing on her legacy can be found here from the pages of The Plashing Vole and this wonderful old 1930’s poem that highlights the way hegemony leads us to maintain, rather than overthrow, political systems which sacrifice us for the benefit of The System, or its operators. Thatcher would hate it https://plashingvole.blogspot.co.uk/2013/04/groupthink.html

Last but by no means least… here’s Sir Alex Ferguson https://twitter.com/BeardedGenius/status/321286560127520771/photo/1 …Margaret Thatcher suffered ill health in the last few years of her life and became very frail…she died of a stroke in THE RITZ!

Margaret Thatcher – Which Side Are You On?

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