The Sun Souvenir Wall Chart Soccer Calendar 1970

Back in the early seventies, there seemed to be a bizarre unspoken media conspiracy to change the name of ‘football’ to the perceived sexier name of ‘soccer’. One of the main protagonists of this scheme was the Sun newspaper, who also jumped on the bandwagon for the new passion for collecting football stickers.

The Sun produced a metre long wall chart which sold for a shilling (5p) in these pre-decimal times, the stickers were procured by swapping tokens printed in the newspaper.

One thing I liked about this wall chart was the provision to paste the stickers for your club in the centre of the chart, therefore elevating them to elitist status. One thing that was not so clever, was the space in the centre of the chart to collect your teams autographs, which was not really practical due to the sprawling nature of the media.

My wall chart shows quite extensive damage mainly due to being folded into a rectangle, as opposed to being rolled up and deposited in a cardboard tube… what do you know as a young school kid?

So, enjoy it as it is, the creases, the marks, the stains and the tears!


The Sun Souvenir Wall Chart Soccer Calendar 1970

The Sun Souvenir Wall Chart Soccer Calendar 1970

The Captains

The Teams

The Club Crests


The Sun Souvenir Wall Chart Soccer Calendar 1970

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4 thoughts on “The Sun Souvenir Wall Chart Soccer Calendar 1970

  1. Dear Frank

    SUPERB collection of footie memorabilia…..I design/illustrate for The Football trader magazine http://www.thefootballtrader.co.uk and we are always looking to feature brilliant new websites such as yours..would you like to be featured in future issue(s)? We could give you a full page every month if you like, with of course all credits to your website.

    We would also like to do a brief interview (via email) with you if thats OK so readers can get to know the man behind the website..
    Please reply to me at
    nickoldham@gmail.com if you are interested and if you are, many thanks in advance..
    SUPERB stuff Frank!!!

  2. Thank you for bringing back some memories.Remember collecting these as a nine year old. The Sun had just re-launched and this was advertised on tv . I recall them producing another chart for the World Cup and thereafter Soccer scrapbooks -all with stickers including one for which Soccerstamps were produced. Later book with spaces for 3-d cards too.

    • Hi Philip – glad that you like it. I believe I’ve actually got the World Cup chart but not all the stickers. I’ve also got some of the soccerstamp books.

      When time allows I’ll scan them in and upload them.


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