Superman, D.C., and Marvel Comics

Another trek into my dimensionally transindental attic and I find a box of old American super hero comics, mainly Superman comics, mainly from the 70’s, inside a dust covered black bin liner.

These were printed back in the day when it was politically correct in labelling them as ‘comics’ and not the more commonly accepted modern day terminology of ‘graphic novels”.

This unexpected haul contains predominantly Superman comics but also includes a few other D.C. favourites, and a few Marvel comics.

They all emit that musty smell of items that have been discarded, unloved and unwanted, in a dark and dank place for several years. Most of them are a bit dog-eared, probably due to them having passed through several hands, and others have a yellow tinting to the pages, again due to their preventable concealment …

… but then again some of them are in amazingly good condition!

Where did these come from? I remember buying some of the older copies, but most of these I have no recollection of purchasing. Where they donated to me? Did I steal them?

It is interesting to note that a lot of the later issues have a UK price tag in pence, whereby the older issues are marked up in US dollars and cents. Did DC start printing copies specifically for the UK market? Did DC print these copies in the UK?

These are the scans of the covers of these comics – Sheldon, Leonard, Howard and Raj – eat your hearts out!!!


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