Inspire a Generation – British Olympics – The New Rock N’ Roll

Sat Aug 4th 2012… greatest ever day/night in British Olympic / Sporting history – fantastic performances and crowds from our athletes, rowers, cyclists etc etc…and fittingly our footballers get knocked out in penalties! Pah…prima-donas the lot of them and shouldn’t have been entered…women football YES…Pro male footballers (especially Premiership footballers) NO…and personally I’m not a supporter of tennis being in BUT well done to Andy Murray for gold in the men’s singles and possible another one in the mixed doubles final as I write this.

Jessica Ennis - Olympic Heptathalon Gold Medal Winner

ANYWAY…our athletes, rowers, cyclists, swimmers – all sorts etc, have given their all and been a breath of fresh air to watch and support – god bless em! Footballers should take a great big dollop of the values of these Olympics and the performers and how the whole country has felt a massive connection with them and apply it to themselves.

Football is dead – lost touch – they despised a generation – not inspired!

The antics and culture of modern footballers has poisoned football…it’s been coming for a long time. The Olympics and the spirit that has been released by these games is much needed. Footballers hide their antics behind what they call a ‘winning mentality’ but they are moronic and the age old miss use of ‘professionalism’ to warrant ‘cheating’ – they dive about, feign injury and act either like pathetic brats (i.e. Ronaldo and his ilk) or morons like some of the Wayne Rooney posturing we get when he simply does something like score a goal…which he’s paid astronomical amounts to do…and who can ever forget the South African World Cup fiasco…disgrace the lot of them were.

Dejected British Olympic Footballers

I personally am not a big fan of the ‘manufactured’ patriotism that we are forced to follow…and also I hate the jingoistic right wing crap and ‘Rule Britannia’ thuggery and moronic mentality – especially associated with following the English national side…but these Olympics and the efforts of Team GB have given everyone in these isles the ‘right’ to feel very proud…because we have something ‘great’ to be proud of for once. This ‘great multi cultural’ country of ours has been given something to unite us all with the sporting endeavours of these Olympic athletes.

The crowds have been an absolute credit even when one of our own has not achieved gold…or any medals they have respected the other nations, their flags and national anthems and genuine sportsmanship has been very much in evidence…how wonderful to see for once.

The ticket fiasco needs to be addressed and not allowed to be swept under the carpet because the general public should have been given a lot more respect by the organisers and allowed far more access to tickets…corporate tickets (the prawn sandwich brigade) have no soul…but the general ‘Great’ British public does and they provide the fantastic atmosphere for these athletes to deliver wonderful inspirational performances.

Olympics British Flag Waving

The Olympic spirit is like a massive gulp of ‘sporting fresh air’ and the new rock n roll and much needed.

Inspire a generation they will…WELL DONE TEAM GB

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