Bankers Greed - Murdoch's Lies

Bankers’ Greed, Murdoch’s Lies…Fat Cats and the Babylon that is Extreme Capitalism

Bankers’ Greed, Murdoch’s Lies, to sum it up… It’s simply wrong, madness and it’s destroying society, common decent values of fairness and law and order.

It is now complete madness how powerful some of these people and institutions become and end up ‘beyond the law’ that applies to the common man. The type of person ‘extreme capitalism’ produces is without any moral fibre… they are a diseased individual fuelled on greed and power and they need stamping out with a big boot.

We have witnessed these people in front of the camera’s and how lack lustre the law of this country is in dealing them any real punishment. Murdoch and his despicable entourage, the Barclays bank fiasco (and there’ll be many more banks and heads of banking that will be in front of ‘committees’ instead of proper courts of law)… they are scum… but they get away with suffering any real loss of privileges and repaying their dues to society because they are part of the ‘extreme capitalist’ untouchables who actually do the ruling of this country… and many other’s.

People see this, see them ‘get away with it’ and it affects everyone’s outlook on the future of a society that breeds this contemptible being.

Either we start to see some real justice…or we prepare ourselves for more of the same…and what’s to blame?…GREED…’a markedly high desire for the pursuit of wealth, status and power’!

Is this the kind SOCIETY you want?

So what’s the options?… well to start with how about Don’t vote in any elections?… if everyone did this to register the total dissatisfaction with the political breed that continues to crawl around the corridors of Westminster they’d have no mandate for anything. A reform of the whole lot… never mind just the House of Lords! Then reform drastically laws that seem to allow corruption of the highest level to take place in our faces by these ‘extreme capitalist elite’ and go through the mind numbingly slow (and insulting to anyone’s common intelligence) process of having to watch and listen to these people squirm their way through an investigation and have nothing but contempt for the law, the land and the people in it!

This isn’t the ranting’s of a ‘looney leftie’ …just a working class lad pissed off with these people and the trash they litter our society with.


Thanks to The Bermondsey Joyriders for the video above … god bless em’!

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