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Trash Talk – Week 37

As the temperature drops, and the days get shorter, with Winter beckoning like a chastened madcap purveyor of doom…we here at Hand in Glove look to brighten your lives with this week’s saints and sinners

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The Face Magazine – A Few More Issues…

Whilst scouring my treasure laden loft, which seems to be trying to imitate a time and relative dimension in space, I found these few odd additional issues of the face magazine…


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Trash Talk

Trash Talk – Week 36

There’s been so many good and naughty boys and girls this week that it has been difficult keeping the number of entries to a manageable level. Here we go then, gold stars for some and detention for the rest…

The Paralympic crowd, Doctor Who, The quack muzzle, Red Headed Women, Garth Crooks, Dion Dublin, Children’s beauty pageants, George Osborne, Steven Gerrard and Vladimir Putin – are you ‘Up on the Boardwalk‘ or ‘Down in the Sewer‘?

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World Cup Mexico 70 Football Team Stickers

These are my football stickers from the ‘World Cup Soccer Stars Mexico 70’ collection.

In Mexico 1970, England were the expectant favourites to retain the World Cup after their triumphant victory over West Germany on home soil back in 1966.

Sadly, and maybe as a nostradimic prelude to future incidents, England were knocked out of the competition by West Germany in the quarter finals.

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Trash Talk

Trash Talk – Week 35

Last night was a late, alcohol infused night in the centre of Birmingham and today I’m feeling well ragged and having difficulty writing even the slightest bit eloquently – getting far too old for this life of hedonistic practices… but hey, before crashing out on the sofa for the rest of the evening, here are this weeks Trash Talk heroes and villains…

Professor Stephen Hawking, Match of the Day, Andrew Strauss, Garth Crooks, our British Summer and Simon Cowell – are you ‘Up on the Boardwalk‘ or ‘Down in the Sewer‘?

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Pete Boddis’ Vintage Shop – Stourbridge

Sadly these days most high streets are a facsimile of each other, all clean, all perfectly franchised, all boring, all soul less. The independent shops struggle to survive against the high rents and rates and the insipidity of the general public.

There are though, independent jewels in the decaying soul of our shopping high streets which offer something unique to excite, and to make it worthwhile getting up off our lazy arses.

This then, is the first in a series called ‘Our Favourite Shop‘ highlighting these last bastions of inspiration and genuine delight.

Pete Boddis’ Vintage Shop in Stourbridge is one of those wonderful shops that sadly most High Streets now no longer accommodate… the kind of shop that you go into and come out of 3 days later!

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Trash Talk

Trash Talk – Week 34

Who’s pissed me off this week? Who’s made me smile? Who deserves to be lauded? Who deserves to be slated?

Mark Chapman, Bernie Ecclestone, Garth Crooks, Kevin Pietersen and Yohan Blake – are you ‘Up on the Boardwalk‘ or ‘Down in the Sewer‘?

Trash talk, the good, the bad and the ugly…read on…

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Morrissey… Please, Please, Please Stop Embarrassing Me

Oh Morrissey, you are becoming such an embarrassment.

The Smiths are my favourite band of all time and like many devotees I only need the slightest opportunity, the smallest inclination of shown interest, to quote one of your lyrics. Your music has forever had an effect on my lifestyle and emotions. This website was named after one of your songs. I still wear t-shirts adorned by your face… but now I feel the need to hide them from the public gaze.

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London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony

Well I admit to being a cynical old bastard who ceremoniously moans about all the boring, safe, predictable aspects of British media and British occasions.

A safe attitude of adorning our TV screens with celebrity chefs, long since redundant soap stars, clean cut ‘pop stars’ that your gran would like, and music so turgid that it’s ilk provides the bread and butter playlists of radio stations like Heart FM.

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Fred Perry Presents Subculture

Fred Perry Presents Subculture is a series of six short 10 minute films about teenage subculture, directed by Don Letts, and showcased by Channel 4 in the Summer of 2012. These really are a treat to watch and they have been added for your enjoyment.

Robert Elms starts the first episode with the comment “British youth subculture starts in that rather grey period after the war“…

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