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Trash Talk – Week 36

There’s been so many good and naughty boys and girls this week that it has been difficult keeping the number of entries to a manageable level. Here we go then, gold stars for some and detention for the rest…

The Paralympic crowd, Doctor Who, The quack muzzle, Red Headed Women, Garth Crooks, Dion Dublin, Children’s beauty pageants, George Osborne, Steven Gerrard and Vladimir Putin – are you ‘Up on the Boardwalk‘ or ‘Down in the Sewer‘?

Up On The Boardwalk

The Paralympic crowd

Well done to the Paralympic crowd that had the gall and bottle to stand up, to be heard, by booing members of our parliament. These members of parliament who use events like this for a bit of reflected glory. My favourite tweet was, “Why did 80,000 people boo George Osborne? Because that’s the maximum capacity of the Olympic Stadium.” I hope that these same people give their support to Pussy Riot who made a similar gesture in Russia against President Putin and got jailed for their beliefs.

Source: London 2012: George Osborne booed by Paralympic crowd

Doctor Who

So glad to see the good Doctor back on our screens. Matt Smith is now growing on me as the Doctor, a fine British actor, whose skills and talents are developing before our very eyes. Looking forward to watching last nights episode tonight after the sun goes down, more to the delights of my TiVo than time travel. “Dinosaurs on a spaceship” – you better believe it!

Source: Doctor Who: 10 things we love about the return of the Timelord in Asylum of the Daleks

The quack muzzle

Now, if you have a pet dog that is a bit vicious with strangers, and has to be muzzled, then surely it is your responsibility to give us all a laugh as recompense. Buy your dog a quack muzzle, go on, you know you want to…

Source: The quack muzzle

Red Headed Women

Move over all you blondes, brunettes and mousy coloured females and form an orderly queue to gaze upon the beauty of the red headed women. How I would have loved to be at this annual festival in Holland in which about 1,400 redheads from 52 countries take part in the festivities

Source: Redheads gather in Holland for festival

Meanwhile Down In The Sewer

Garth Crooks’s team of the week

I’m sure that Garth Crooks is doing this on purpose as no-one can really be that lacking in insight in their supposed field of knowledge and expertise. On the weekend that West Bromwich Albion beat Everton 2-0 and retained their position as third in the premier league, Garth Crooks failed to name one Albion player in his team of the week. This against an Everton team who had not lost in 11 or 12 games and thereselves having a great start to the season. So here we are again, for the third week running, stand up and take a bow, head honcho of the knobheads, Garth Crooks!!

Source: Garth Crooks’s team of the week

Dion Dublin

…and still on the football theme we have Dion Dublin. I have had the misfortune to have met Dion Dublin a couple of times, an extremely arrogant man, a very average footballer, who is totally self-absorbed in his narcissist view of himself. Hey, lets not be pre-judgemental on the man. On Match Of The Day Mr. Dublin awarded goal of the month to a very average effort by Robin Van Persie instead of the cracking goal by Albion’s Zoltan Gera – a goal that everybody else in the studio voted for. This wouldn’t have anything to do with the fact that Mr. Dublin once played for Manchester United, who Van Persie now plays for, and he also played for Aston Villa, who are the Baggies arch-nemesis? Nah, surely not!

Source: Golazo! Zoltan Gera (West Brom) v Liverpool

Children’s beauty pageants

This is so wrong! How can mothers allow their children to be made up like painted dolls, brainwash them into wearing “Sexy” clothes so that they look like tiny femme fatale prostitutes, and then parade them for all the paedophiles in this sad world of ours to salivate over?

Source: Toddlers parade in bikinis at British beauty pageant

George Osborne

George Osborne had the brass neck to turn up at the Paralympics to present medals after cutting disability benefits. Is it any wonder that he was booed by the knowledable British public.

Source: Team GB blast coalition plans to slash vital disability payments

Steven Gerrard

Here we go again. The rhetoric has begun already. Steven Gerrard believes that England are going to win the next world cup. I’m not even going to comment on this – I’ll leave that to you dear readers.

Source: Steven Gerrard says England can produce World Cup “miracle”

Vladimir Putin

…and talking about Pussy Riot, guess which world leader has 20 homes, 43 private jets, 15 helicopters, 4 luxury yachts and 700 cars? Seems fair enough to me!

Source: The 5 top luxuries of Vladimir ‘galley slave’ Putin

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