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Trash Talk – Week 37

As the temperature drops, and the days get shorter, with Winter beckoning like a chastened madcap purveyor of doom…we here at Hand in Glove look to brighten your lives with this week’s saints and sinners

Up On The Boardwalk

The Big Bang Theory

Not the hypothesis regarding the beginning of the universe, but the wonderful American sitcom of the same name. Even though I have all the DVD box-sets, I still find myself glued to E4’s ceaseless carousel of episodes, seemingly randomly plucked from different series like participants in their own little chaos theory bubble. Sheldon Cooper, Leonard Hofstadter, Howard Wolowitz and Raj Koothrappali – thank you for making us nerds popular!

Source: The Big Bang Theory


I had the pleasure to see Dexys (previously Dexys Midnight Runners) at Birmingham’s Symphony Hall, with it’s amazing acoustics, on Wednesday evening. Seated just 5 rows from the front, I witnessed a show that featured wonderfully crafted songs performed in a style that effortlessly integrated rock/pop music with vaudevillian theatre. The show lasted for over 2 hours and at the end a smiling, and surprisingly emotional Kevin Rowland stated, ‘Birmingham, this is where it all started’. A thoroughly different Dexys to the band way back then in the 70’s, even though besides Kevin Rowland, the band still includes Pete Williams and ‘Big’ Jim Patterson. Dexys, a band that has always refused to pander to it’s devotees, and the media, in order to faciliate Kevin’s unique musical vision. Excellent!

Source: Dexys

Roy Hodgson

Well Roy, the plaudits are not for the national team’s performances, but for the way you stood up to Peter Crouch. For those that do not know, lanky lotharian lover Peter refused to be on manager Roy Hodgson’s Euro 2012 stand-by list. Hodgson said: “I selected him for the Euros but he didn’t want to come. He made it clear that unless he was in the squad he didn’t want to be considered.” Nice one Roy!

Source: Peter Crouch in England exile after Euro refusal – Roy Hodgson

Andy Murray

A glorious year for Andy Murray. An Olympic medal and his first grand slam trophy, the first men’s grand slam win since Fred Perry’s 1936 achievement, 76 years ago. I am now looking at expanding my winter wardrobe by purchasing numerous items from Andy Murray’s sportswear range…then again, maybe not…

Source: Andy Murray beats Novak Djokovic to win US Open

London 2012: Olympians and Paralympians

Simply, one final big thank-you for making this a Summer to remember, not just the winners, but to all participants who had probably been up for hours, and working their socks off just to be a competitor, whilst I was having a lie in on a Sunday morning. Hand in Glove salutes you.

Source: London 2012: Olympians and Paralympians

Families of the Hillsborough Deceased

And finally, but by no means least… The families of the 96 people who died in the disaster at Hillsborough way back in 1989. They tirelessly fought for the truth of how their loved ones died all those years ago. They never gave up! They refused to give up against successive governments, refused to give up against different political parties, refused to give up against all those who tried to push it under the carpet, refused to give up against all those who hoped in time it would go away. 23 years of never giving up their fight for the truth! Unbelievable Dedication!! As Trevor Hicks, who lost two daughters in the disaster, says ‘The truth is out today, justice starts tomorrow.’

Source: Families of the Hillsborough Deceased

Meanwhile Down In The Sewer

Txt Spk

How I hate text speak. A new vocabulary for people who struggle with the basics of the English language. What I hate the most is the acronym LOL.. aaaarrrgggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh. Seriously, are you laughing out loud when you send me a text, an email, a comment, a reply, for something mildly amusing, or are you knowingly smiling to yourself? Stop it!!!!!!!


Has there ever been a more internationally successful band playing boring, lethargic, dull, uninspiring music than Coldplay? So, they were chosen to be part of the Paralympics closing ceremony. I have no problem with that, I don’t expect these type of ceremonies to be specifically tailored to my own eclectic tastes in art and music… but I didn’t expect Coldplay to go droning on and on and on and on and on… for what seemed like an eternity, and beyond!

Source: Coldplay

The ‘Mobot’

Now I’m not going to diss Mo Farah as his achievements in winning gold in the 5,000m and 10,000m at London 2012 were awe inspiring and he seems to a genuinely humble guy … but the ‘Mobot’… oh no. I just cringe every time I see someone doing this ‘celebration’. First time round it was mildly amusing but like a Coldplay performance it goes on and on becoming more cringe-worthy with each performance. To be fair to Mo though, this celebration pales into significance when placed alongside Fatima Whitbread’s bottom wiggling celebration of the mid 80’s – a celebration that even now leaves me feeling traumatised!

Source: The ‘Mobot’

Garth Crooks’s team of the week

Even though there were no premier league games last weekend, due to the international world cup qualifiers, I see no reason to grant Garth Crooks an amnesty. Garth Crooks – still a knobhead!

Simon Cowell

It looks like the evil warlord Simon Cowell’s acquisition and accumulation of wealth from all that is bad and bland in the pop world may be coming to an end. I would like to say that it’s due to the awakening and due diligence of the X-Factor audience, but I think it is more that they have become bored. First America, next the United Kingdom.

Source: Simon Cowell

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  1. Wish you’d have said you were going to see Dexy’s…

  2. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL luv ya txt spk rant 🙂

  3. You are Morrisey’s sister Frank LOL 🙂

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