US Gun Control

I’m sure that we are all horrified by the latest in a long line of massacres within schools within the USA.

I also find it incredulous the level of vitriol, whenever anyone suggests that the US gun control should be reviewed.

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Socks and chocs for the homeless 2012

Help the Homeless Socks and Chocs Appeal 2012

It’s not too late to donate your gifts of Socks and Chocs for our Christmas charity appeal.

Help the homeless in Birmingham, Coventry, Wolverhampton and make yourself feel good this Christmas.


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Wear your old t-shirt to work day V

Today is BBC Radio 6 Music’s 5th ‘Wear your old band t-shirt to work day’ and I’m sure that many of you dear readers will be bearing clothing emblazoned with the names of your favourite groups.

Last year I wore a touching little number from Stourbridge’s very own starlets ‘Pop Will Eat Itself’, which dated back to the early 1980’s.

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Trash Talk

Trash Talk – Week 46

Well here in down town Birmingham it is raining cats and dogs, a bit chilly on the exposed parts of the anatomy, and the Autumn leaves are gathering en-masse like decaying small failed X factor participants pleading for sanctuary in my pleasantly warm abode.

So, assuming these are the good and bad in society, who would I let in to warm their chilled bones and feed with a banquet of buttered toast… and who would I leave to freeze?

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Gary O’Dea’s COSMIC SOULS Album Review

We review Gary O’Dea’s COSMIC SOULS’ new album ‘Looking Forward By Thinking Back‘.

A reworking of some of Gary O’Dea’s vast back catalogue of material, new arrangements lovingly re-moulded and re-worked, utilising a contemporary assembly of minstrels to re-envisage these songs…


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Socks and Chocs for the Homeless 2012

Socks and Chocs for the Homeless‘ is an initiative started by Ian Northcott, and supported by his work colleagues, to provide homeless people in Birmingham, Coventry and Wolverhampton with a few basic home comforts at Christmas.

Last year they donated over 1800 pairs of socks and 2000 pieces of chocolate in addition to 150 sleeping bags.

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The Wonderful World of Soccer Stars Gala Collection 1970/1971

So we move into 1970/1971 for the latest batch of football stickers. This picture album was enticingly named “The Wonderful World of Soccer Stars Gala Collection 1970/1971”. This not only included stickers for the 1st Division players but also the star players in the 2nd Division, the European Cup Finalists and the Star Players of Mexico 70.

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Superman, D.C., and Marvel Comics

Another trek into my dimensionally transindental attic and I find a box of old American super hero comics, mainly Superman comics, mainly from the 70′s, inside a dust covered black bin liner.

These are the scans of the covers of these comics – Sheldon, Leonard, Howard and Raj – eat your hearts out!!!


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Trash Talk

Trash Talk – Week 44

Eventually, the staff of ‘Hand in Glove’ return from their business sojourn in New York and Las Vegas, evacuating before the big storm Frankenstorm hits the Eastern cost, like rats deserting a sinking ship. We return to resurrect the limp and failing body of this organ which has been deprived of sustenance for several weeks now.

So with the days getting shorter, wetter and colder we proudy present this weeks good guys and bad guys.

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Trash Talk

Trash Talk – Garth Crooks Special

It’s just not good enough!!! Hand in Glove has been sunning themselves in the South of Spain and this website has not been updated as often as it should have been … and with a business trip to the USA later this week normal service will not be resumed till the end of October. I know you will miss us…

… but I could not miss out the opportunity of ridiculing my favourite ignoramus, Garth Crooks.

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