Pete Boddis’ Vintage Shop – Stourbridge

Sadly these days most high streets are a facsimile of each other, all clean, all perfectly franchised, all boring, all soul less. The independent shops struggle to survive against the high rents and rates and the insipidity of the general public.

There are though, independent jewels in the decaying soul of our shopping high streets which offer something unique to excite, and to make it worthwhile getting up off our lazy arses.

This then, is the first in a series called ‘Our Favourite Shop‘ highlighting these last bastions of inspiration and genuine delight.

Pete Boddis’ Vintage Shop in Stourbridge is one of those wonderful shops that sadly most High Streets now no longer accommodate… the kind of shop that you go into and come out of 3 days later!

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  1. Wonderful…what a blast 🙂

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