Morrissey… Please, Please, Please Stop Embarrassing Me

Oh Morrissey, you are becoming such an embarrassment.

The Smiths are my favourite band of all time and like many devotees I only need the slightest opportunity, the smallest inclination of shown interest, to quote one of your lyrics. Your music has forever had an effect on my lifestyle and emotions. This website was named after one of your songs. I still wear t-shirts adorned by your face… but now I feel the need to hide them from the public gaze.

Morrissey - We Hate William And Kate

Your attacks on the pride being shown by the general public in the performances of our British athletes is unwarranted, tiresome and puerile, and the latest in a long line of cringe-worthy tirades.

For those of you who have missed it, here is Morrissey’s attack on the the usual suspects, and on you as a free thinking individual:

And, yet! I am unable to watch the Olympics due to the blustering jingoism that drenches the event.


Has England ever been quite so foul with patriotism?


The “dazzling royals” have, quite naturally, hi-jacked the Olympics for their own empirical needs, and no oppositional voice is allowed in the free press. It is lethal to witness. As London is suddenly promoted as a super-wealth brand, the England outside London shivers beneath cutbacks, tight circumstances and economic disasters.


Meanwhile the British media present 24-hour coverage of the “dazzling royals”, laughing as they lavishly spend, as if such coverage is certain to make British society feel fully whole.


In 2012, the British public is evidently assumed to be undersized pigmies, scarcely able to formulate thought.


As I recently drove through Greece I noticed repeated graffiti seemingly everywhere on every available wall. In large blue letters it said WAKE UP WAKE UP. It could almost have been written with the British public in mind, because although the spirit of 1939 Germany now pervades throughout media-brand Britain, the 2013 grotesque inevitability of Lord and Lady Beckham (with Sir Jamie Horrible close at heel) is, believe me, a fate worse than life. WAKE UP WAKE UP.


Source: From the Morrissey fan web site “True to You

Mozza my old mate. I hate media manufactured, and false patriotism as much as anyone. I hate the jingoistic attitude towards war, which luckily isn’t so blindly followed by the British people as it used to be. Read the articles on this website to get an insight.

This is for real… a pride and a buzz, born and nurtured by the common people, for the common people.

Many a time I have read your ill advised rants and given you the benefit of the doubt. Many a time I have watched you struggle to compile a sentence, just so that you could include a big word or complex phrase to make yourself seem cleverer than the rest of us, and laughingly I shook my head.

But your attacks on the obvious targets in recent years has bordered on the juvenile. The school text-book style rants make me cringe. You have descended into the same dogma as some of the people you claim to abhor. You have come to believe everything you say, and instantly dismiss other peoples arguments as lacking merit or argument.

Do you also so readily forget when you apparently flirted with nationalism and racism?

Morrissey - Flying The Flag Or Flirting With Disaster

If you are being argumentative just to garner publicity then you really should re-consider your actions as they are seriously blighting your legacy. If you really believe what you are saying then maybe you need a long, long holiday.

Morrissey… please , please, please … stop being such a twat!

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One thought on “Morrissey… Please, Please, Please Stop Embarrassing Me

  1. Well said Our Frank…The Boy With The Thorn In His Side has certainly let his Big Mouth Strike Again…he’s so off the mark…and HE LIVES IN AMERICA…now – if ever there’s a country that acts ’empire like’ its that regime and their foreign policies…even with Obama in they’re still lacking.

    This country is just celebrating ‘great sporting achievements’ – perhaps Morrisey is pissed off with that! I can’t imagine him being captain of the school team etc, he probably bought a note to be excused…he’s working class…but a fuckin snob and aloof.

    …and the royals well I’m a republican and other than our national anthem having little to do with uniting this multi cultural society and wishing we had a better song and the Queen looking like she was chewing a wasp during the opening ceremony…they have joined in with the good vibes generated.

    He’s a bit sad old Mozza…perhaps he wishes he was here…and Heaven Knows He’s Miserable Now…and well done on pointing out his own ‘jingoistic outpourings’ a few years back.

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