Tony Blair is a War Criminal

Tony Blair is a War Criminal

Tony Blair appears at the Royal Court of Justice on Monday 28 May to give evidence to the Leveson Inquiry into the culture, Practice and Ethics of the Press.

The court Blair should be in is the International Criminal Tribunal at the Hague to account for the culture, practice and ethics of his lies that took Britain into the illegal war with Iraq, on the coat tails of George W. Bush, and which has left one million Iraq civilians dead and the country devastated.

These days — and quite rightly — Blair can’t go anywhere without being confronted with his war crimes, as happened in the United States just last week (See: Why I heckled war criminal Tony Blair )

Will the Leveson Inquiry ask the questions of Blair it should have asked Rupert Murdoch when he gave evidence earlier this month
(See: 10 questions Leveson should ask Rupert Murdoch about his relationship with Tony Blair)

We’re not holding our breath.


Stop the War Coalition newsletter – 25.05.12

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