Reduce your Tax Payments with Jimmy Carr

So Jimmy Carr’s accountant tells him that he can legally reduce his tax payments by using certain schemes.

What’s wrong with that? We all want to pay as little of our hard earned money into Her Majesty’s coffers.

If David Cameron and his government think that this is a contrived method of tax avoidance then surely they should be drafting laws to close the loopholes.

What I do have an issue with is Cameron using Jimmy Carr as a scapegoat, a political sacrificial lamb, whilst at the same time refusing to take his friend, Take That singer Gary Barlow, to task. The same Gary Barlow who has recently taken arse-licking to an art form and has been awarded an MBE for this Dickensian behaviour.

Is Cameron going to name his allies and friends in the banking business and large organisations who use the same schemes and who I’m sure earn a lot more money than Jimmy Carr? I doubt it very much!!

Again we have double standards so compliant within our government!!

I hope that the press now take this story by the tail and weed out the fat pigs within the banking industry and boardrooms who use this, and similar tax avoidance schemes, in the same way they hounded members of parliament in the expenses fiasco,

Now that would be fun!!



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