Who are These Christmas Pop Stars?

This is the closest that I come to participating in Christmas festivities – a one question Christmas quiz.

Can you name these 2 Christmas Pop Stars from 1969?


Who are these 2 pop stars from 1969

Who are these 2 pop stars from 1969

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10 thoughts on “Who are These Christmas Pop Stars?

  1. John Lennon and Mary Hopkins 🙂

    • F*cking Hell O’Dea – you could have given some other people the chance to get it wrong!!!!

  2. Mary Hopkins and John Lennon from the glasses I think ?

  3. Mary Hopkins and poss John Lennon from glasses?

    • I thought people might have struggled with Mary Hopkins… but O’Dea beat you to it Lesley, so he wins the prize….

  4. Yay

  5. PRIZE?!!! I WON A PRIZE 🙂 OH THANK YOU THAT’S FANTASTIC and just in time for Chrimbo…thank you Santa Frank…I couldn’t win a fine normally :-)…WHAT’S THE PRIZE ? (holding breath in anticipation)…

    • A beer with me in the Dog on Wednesday night.

  6. I’ve been reliably informed by 2 of my Twitter followers that it is actually Mary Hopkin and not Mary Hopkins.

  7. Only just seen the ‘prize’… typical won and lost ! Abnd that’s a bit pedantic of your ‘reliable informers’…bit like saying it’s John Winston Lennon.

    Come and buy me a beer at the gig on Thursday – its free in ya fucker…bring a few with you. 🙂

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