The Return of … The Pum Pum Wreckers

The Pum Pum Wreckers return with their version of ‘Pleasure’, a song written to help promote the ‘socks n’ chocs’ initiative to provide the homeless of Birmingham. Wolverhampton and Coventry with a few personal comforts at Christmas time.



The Pum Pum Wreckers are an experimental rock band formed in the Black Country, England in 1978 and splitting the same year after a short lived and nihilist existence. The band reformed in 2013 with its original core founders, Frank J. Wilson and Gary O’Dea.

The first fruits of their renewed collaboration is the song ‘Pleasure’, a cover of the Ian Northcott song, dismembered, fragmented and blu-tacked back together.

Gary O’Dea assumes responsibility for vocals, guitars, harmonica and drums whilst Frank obliges with bass guitar, guitars and associated noises.

They aim to remain outside of any specific genre, migrating from pure pop songs to discordant industrial mash-ups and back again.

The Troubadours

Frank J. Wilson

Frank J. Wilson


Gary O'dea

Gary O’dea

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The Return of … The Pum Pum Wreckers

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