US Gun Control

I’m sure that we are all horrified by the latest in a long line of massacres within schools within the USA.

I also find it incredulous the level of vitriol, whenever anyone suggests that the US gun control should be reviewed.

From my own experience, here in Birmingham in the UK, I commented on a friends Facebook status “… and still they won’t ban guns” and got a very ANGRY reply from someone who I don’t know.

I decided not to follow this conversation up as this may be a guy who, erm, actually own guns and from his demeanour I doubt if I could sit down with him to actually have a reasoned debate.

Connecticut US school massacre Facebook Conversation

Connecticut US school massacre Facebook conversation


It’s worth taking a moment out of your day to read these:

58 Murders a year by Firearms in Britain, 8,775 in US

A Land Without Guns: How Japan Has Virtually Eliminated Shooting Deaths

A Timeline Of Mass Shootings In The US Since Columbine

NRA Sets 1,000 Killed In School Shooting As Amount It Would Take For Them To Reconsider Much Of Anything

…I’m out………

17.12.12 Update: Excellent article on media intrusion into the victim’s lives:
Dead Children, Great TV

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  1. That guy…is his surname ‘Head’ ?

    • No. Offline. I don’t to be the first up against the wall.

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