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Trash Talk – Garth Crooks Special

It’s just not good enough!!! Hand in Glove has been sunning themselves in the South of Spain and this website has not been updated as often as it should have been … and with a business trip to the USA later this week normal service will not be resumed till the end of October. I know you will miss us…

… but I could not miss out the opportunity of ridiculing my favourite ignoramus, Garth Crooks.

Meanwhile Down In The Sewer

Garth Crooks

At long last, after 7 games of this seasons premier league season completed, Garth Crooks eventually selects a West Bromwich Albion player in his Team of the Week.

His choice of James Morrison is an excellent choice, but supercilious dimwit Garth suggests that “This is a player that Roy Hodgson should now be taking a keen interest in.”

I would agree completely Garth, but James Morrison has already been capped 23 times for Scotland!!!

Talk about lack of knowledge in a field that you are supposed to be an expert!!!

Garth Crooks = Knobhead (Week after week after week after week…)

Source: Garth Crooks’ Team of the Week

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2 thoughts on “Trash Talk – Garth Crooks Special

  1. He is consistent though…bless him…the knobhead!

  2. I absolutely detest this arrogant, pompous, consescending, supercillious and anal little prick. He never misses an opportunity to stick the proverbial boot in whenever the Potters are mentioned despite doing ‘very well thank you’ following the initial break he was given by Stoke City. Certainly no threats to Sir Stan’s legacy fron this ‘also ran’ then.

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