The Wonderful World Of Soccer Stars 1971/1972

The Wonderful World of Soccer Stars 1971/1972

It’s 1971/1972 and here we present the latest batch of football stickers. This picture album was named “The Wonderful World of Soccer Stars Picture Stamp Album 1970/1971 First Division”. The publishers had done away with the additional stickers for the star players from the 2nd division, and the European Cup finalists, and reverted back to just the main division.

The main page for this football sticker section of the website can be found here:

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I have now added:

The Wonderful World of Soccer Stars 1971/1972

with the following teams:

Arsenal F.C. (added 30th December 2012)

Chelsea F.C. (added 31st December 2012)

Coventry City F.C. (added 1st January 2013)

Crystal Palace F.C. (added 2nd January 2013)

Derby County F.C. (added 3rd January 2013)

Everton F.C. (added 4th January 2013)

Huddersfield Town F.C. (added 5th January 2013)

Ipswich Town F.C. (added 7th January 2013)

Leeds United F.C. (added 8th January 2013)

Leicester City F.C. (added 9th January 2013)

Liverpool F.C. (added 10th January 2013)

Manchester City F.C. (added 11th January 2013)

Manchester United F.C. (added 13th January 2013)

Newcastle United F.C. (added 14th January 2013)

Nottingham Forest F.C. (added 15th January 2013)

Sheffield United F.C. (added 18th January 2013)

Southampton F.C. (added 21st January 2013)

Stoke City F.C. (added 22nd January 2013)

Tottenham Hotspur F.C. (added 23rd January 2013)

West Bromwich Albion F.C. (added 24th January 2013)

West Ham United F.C. (added 25th January 2013)

Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C. (added 26th January 2013)

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4 thoughts on “The Wonderful World of Soccer Stars 1971/1972

  1. My nephew has just unearthed a couple of wonderful world of soccer starts in action picture stamp albums from an old set of draws. The England First Division 1968 – 1969 complete with all stamps and 1969 – 1970 half full album.
    Can you tell me what is their value as he is interested in selling them.

    • I’m sorry I’ve no idea – I was just a collector as a child with no view to getting a price on selling them. I can only suggest you do a search on Google or Ebay. Regards, Frank.

  2. Just found your website
    Brilliant Loved it
    Bought back so many memories of football stars in my childhood
    football annuals collector cards all the things I had and lost/thrown out (never kept) as a kid
    Shoot annuals Goal magazines the colour is so vivid (kitsch but great)
    Loved it
    I am thinking of screenprinting some

    • Glad you like it Philip. I’ve got other mementos to scan and upload – just got to find the time.

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