Finished top of Asia and Oceania second round group 2, and top of the final round
Finished 4th in Group 2
1 Goal: Mordechai Spiegler
Fifa Ranking:

World Cup Mexico 70: Israel

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3 thoughts on “Israel

  1. Can anyone think of much to say about Israel, the only Middle Eastern side in the event ? No I wouldn’t have thought so, did they only manage to hold Italy to a draw due to the latter’s defensive style of play ? And the one all draw with Sweden hardly gave them much to shout about, teams like Stoke City, West Ham or QPR would’ve fared better than them.

    • Italy did score a goal which was unjustifiably cancelled.
      In the other hand, Israel vs Sweden, Israel was as good as Sweden and this was a great achievement to Israeli football to be equal to one of the best football teams in the world,
      Dont forget that in order to qualify, all Israel had to do was to beat Australia and since then, all that mattered to Israeli squad was not to concede 5 -7 each game and they achieved that goal !

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