Automatic qualification as previous winners in 1966
Beaten 3-2 by West Germany (a.e.t.) in the quarter finals
1 Goal: Allan Clarke, Geoff Hurst, Alan Mullery and Martin Peters
Fifa Ranking:

World Cup Mexico 70: England

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2 thoughts on “England

  1. Oh my god the memories…I remember having an Umbro football kit in a box which had a long white shirt and a sew on 3 lions England badge, blue shorts and white socks and there was an additional blue top with white neck and cuffs which enabled you to be England, Chelsea, etc…it was great.

    We’d play Cup Finals and World Cup Finals and take our different tops / strips etc and if you were pulled out the hat to be Chelsea or Everton etc on would go the blue top :-)…and the games would last hours lol.

    Great stuff Frank well done on this football nostalgia…great memories the game and players had a soul then.

    This England 70s World Cup squad (on paper) was actually a stronger squad than the 66 one…but Germany (as ever) were great as well, and Italy…and of course Brazil became legendary.

  2. Has anyone noticed how Peter Osgood and Alan Oakes have been left out as it wasn’t possible to fit 34 stickers into 2 pages ? Though I would have thought those two were more worthy of inclusion than say Paul Reaney and Peter Shilton, particularly Osgood.
    At the same time the Esso coin collection of the tournament omits Alex Stepney and Nobby Stiles although there doesn’t appear to be any shortage of space for two more places, personally I think the set should have contained a gold coloured coin of the World Cup itself which should have gone in the middle of the board with the lettering around it. Older and wiser I had the brainwave of going down to the nearest Esso garage on a saturday and asking motorists if they wanted the coin or coins as they left, if only I had thought of that at the time.

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