Newcastle United F.C.

Full name:
Newcastle United Football Club
The Toon, Toon Army
St James’ Park

Newcastle United F.C. 1969/1970


Newcastle United FC 1971/1972 Newcastle United FC 1970/1971

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7 thoughts on “Newcastle United F.C.

  1. I love where the top of the ‘Preben Arentoft’ sticker has been torn and has been coloured in with felt tip pens.

  2. C’mon The Toon… there’s a couple of name spelling mistakes as well Frank…Bobby Moncur not Moncour…he was a class centre half…scored 2 goals in the Euro Fairs Cup Final for Newcastle in 69 as well…he’s a real Geordie legend…and the keeper was Iam not Ian…good keeper – he’d have played for Northern Ireland a lot more as well had he not had the miss fortune of playing the same time as Pat Jennings. Alan Foggon was a good player too and Wyn Davies was a decent centre forward too…the original Bryan ‘Pop’ Robson as well…and the Gallowgate End rocked.

    • Typos corrected.

  3. Absolutely brilliant trip down memory lane.
    Growing up with two brothers in a Newcastle United crazy family, whenever we played football as young lads, my eldest brother, Philip, had to be Wyn Davies.
    We loved Bobby Moncur too and Iam ” Willie “McFall.

  4. I had that sticker album but cant remember witch one it was can anybody refresh my memory.

  5. My brother and I had the album from the previous season ( not action pics though). We started going to St James around that time. Lot of ups and downs since then…mostly downs.

    Some observations on the pics above. Preben Arentoft…I don’t think that pic is him, can’t say who it is though. Ollie Burton…I think that pic is Alan Foggon. Keith Dyson…the pic is Tommy Gibb, I think. Seems strange that the Soccer Stars people would use two different pics of the same player and pass them off as another player. The good old days eh?

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