Manchester United F.C.

Full name:
Manchester Uhited Football Club
The Red Devils
1878 as Newton Heath LYR F.C.
Old Trafford

Manchester United F.C. 1969/1970


Manchester United FC 1971/1972 Manchester United FC 1970/1971

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One thought on “Manchester United F.C.

  1. United…who didn’t love them…love to beat them, but loved to watch them…football romance, skill, style, passion – they had it all…Stepney was a great club keeper (Jimmy Rimmer his understudy), Pat Crerand was a rugged defender…Nobby Stiles 🙂 say no more, John Fitzpatrick was a real character and hard as nails, a young Brian Kidd goal poacher – for both Utd and later City…and of course a certain Best, Law and Charlton…Denis Law was cool personified and Bestie…well just a fantastic player – poor Willie Morgan would have been a legend anywhere alse but was always in Bestie’s shadow…and Bobby Charlton was class. some of the lesser known players were excellent as well Tony Dunne and David Sadler were great club players…David Sadler kept a pub a pub in Sedgley a few years ago…who’d have thought this team had already peaked!

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