Inspire a Generation – British Olympics – The New Rock N’ Roll

Sat Aug 4th 2012… greatest ever day/night in British Olympic / Sporting history – fantastic performances and crowds from our athletes, rowers, cyclists etc etc…and fittingly our footballers get knocked out in penalties! Pah…prima-donas the lot of them and shouldn’t have been entered…women football YES…Pro male footballers (especially Premiership footballers) NO…and personally I’m not a supporter of tennis being in BUT well done to Andy Murray for gold in the men’s singles and possible another one in the mixed doubles final as I write this.

Jessica Ennis - Olympic Heptathalon Gold Medal Winner

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Football Team Stickers

These are my collection of football team stickers and trivia from the late 1960′s and early 1970′s. The football stickers were objects of fanatic desirability back in the playground of the day. The competition to complete your favourite team’s pages was all encompassing leading to the unadulterated glory amongst your peers on completing a full album.

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Football is Music…the Bob Marley Effect.

Football… the beautiful game, the people’s game and so on… we’ve heard all the one liners… but there’s one prophet that stated ‘Football is Music’… and that was one Robert Nesta Marley.

Bob loved football and played it with the same skill and dedication that he played his music and according to his good friend 70s Jamaican footballer Alan ‘Skill’ Cole ‘if music hadn’t been his guiding light he could have been a pro in Jamaica’.

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Well Done Roy Hodgson!

Well done Roy Hodgson! As a baggies fan I’m disappointed to see you go even though you infuriated me with:

  1. Continuing to try to play 4-4-2 at every opportunity even though 4-5-1 proved to be more successful over and over again.
  2. Reluctance to substitute players until late into a match.

I hope you prove the doubters wrong!!

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