Finished top of South America group 3
Beaten 3-1 by Brazil in the semi finals
1 Goal: Luis Cubilla, Víctor Espárrago, Ildo Maneiro, Juan Mujica
Fifa Ranking:

World Cup Mexico 70: Uruguay

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One thought on “Uruguay

  1. Just look at them, they were easily one of the most unattractive teams I’ve ever seen, bearing more resemblance to a police wanted noiticeboard than a football team, half of them could pass as members of the Uruguayan Mafia, if there is such a thing. Pele mentioned in his biography how Fontes trod on his ankle which had it been unsupported would have probably broken it. All they had to their credit was a rock solid, oak tree like defence, but with no real cutting edge in attack their potential was sorely limited.

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