Automatic qualification as hosts
Beaten 4-1 by Italy in the quarter finals
2 Goals: Javier Valdivia
1 Goal: Juan Ignacio Basaguren, Javier Fragoso, José Luis González, Gustavo Peña
Fifa Ranking:

World Cup Mexico 70: Mexico

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2 thoughts on “Mexico

  1. In the FIFA film of the competition, all the Mexicans were jubilant when Mexico qualified for the quarter finals, all going “Mehico Mehico ! “.
    The only result of any merit was the 4 – 0 against rock bottom also rans El Salvador, but who can’t beat dross like them by a generous margin ? The penalty dependant 1 – 0 against Belgium and goalless draw with Russia gave a clear picture of the teams limitations and an indication that they stood little realistic chance of a favourable result against any of the stronger teams they could face in the next round. In reality the only thing to their credit is not conceding a goal in three games and that’s about it. There were a number of teams far better than them that were more deserved of qualication in that tournament Northern Ireland, Scotland, Holland, Spain, Argentina, Portugal to name few, all of whom would have wiped the floor with the sombrero wearers and no error.

    • Your idiotic racist comments only serve to show your limited intelligence! And Scotland or Northern Ireland? If you’re going to wear skirts join a women only league !

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