Finished equal top of Europe group 2
Finished 4th in Group 3
2 Goals: Ladislav Petráš
Fifa Ranking:

World Cup Mexico 70: Czechoslovakia

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4 thoughts on “Czechoslovakia

  1. Ladislav Petras was a good player.

    • He was – he’s the only one I can remember. These days many of these players would be renowned names in the Premier League but back then most of the ‘foreign players’ in the English league came from Scotland, Ireland or Wales.

  2. Yes Petras was probably a better player than the Czechs were overall as a side, but having one name player in an average team is unlikely to achieve gain favourable results. The FIFA film of the tournament features his goal against Brazil, which was very good, but why couldn’t Alan Ball, who was a similair style of player have done the same with England ?

    • I am sorry but mr. Petras is SLOVAK not Czechs . In that time he played for CSSR ( mean Czechoslovak socialistic republic ) but he is SLOVAK no Czechs or Slovenian it is big different.

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