Chelsea F.C.

Full name:
Chelsea Football Club
The Pensioners (until 1952), The Blues (present)
Stamford Bridge

Chelsea F.C. 1969/1970


Chelsea FC 1971/1972 Chelsea FC 1970/1971

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  1. Classy stylish cool players…I had a soft spot for Chelsea back then (not now) they took the style and sus of the Kings Rd onto the pitch. 2nd best centre forward of the day in Osgood – Astle was …and still is The King of course :-). Charlie Cook was an entertainer, Ian Hutchinson with those windmill arms throw ins, Dave Webb and Chopper Harris at the back…and Peter ‘The Cat’ Bonetti in goal, Houseman, Hollins and Eddie McCreadie…and The Shed in full cry…Liquidator 🙂

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