There are at least two bands named Them: 1. a Northern Irish rock and roll band that was formed in Belfast in 1963 2. a US/German Heavy Metal band formed in 2008 1. Them was a Northern Irish rock and roll band that was formed in Belfast in 1963. Best known for the garage rock standard "Gloria" and for launching singer-songwriter Van Morrison's careers, the group had an energetic sound that fit right into the British blues and rock boom of the 60s. Read more on

Track: It's All Over Now, Baby Blue

Album: Them Again (feat. Van Morrison)

Album Details:
Album Them Again (feat. Van Morrison)
Release Date 1966-01-21
Total Tracks 16
Track Listing:
1Could You Would You (feat. Van Morrison)03:09
2Something You Got (feat. Van Morrison) - Mono Version02:31
3Call My Name (feat. Van Morrison)02:19
4Turn on Your Love Light (feat. Van Morrison)02:19
5I Put a Spell on You (feat. Van Morrison)02:36
6I Can Only Give You Everything (feat. Van Morrison)02:40
7My Lonely Sad Eyes (feat. Van Morrison)02:29
8I Got a Woman (feat. Van Morrison)03:13
9Out of Sight (feat. Van Morrison)02:21
10It's All Over Now, Baby Blue (feat. Van Morrison)03:47
11Bad or Good (feat. Van Morrison)02:06
12How Long Baby (feat. Van Morrison)03:37
13Hello Josephine (feat. Van Morrison)02:04
14Don't You Know (feat. Van Morrison)02:23
15Hey Girl (feat. Van Morrison)03:00
16Bring 'Em on In (feat. Van Morrison)03:43

Most Played Tracks as Scrobbled to

# Title Plays
2Baby Please Don't Go
3Gloria (feat. Van Morrison) - Stereo Version
4Here Comes The Night
5It's All Over Now, Baby Blue (feat. Van Morrison)
6Baby, Please Don't Go (feat. Van Morrison)
7Gloria - Stereo Version
8It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
9Baby, Please Don't Go
10Mystic Eyes

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