Orange Juice

There are two artists by this name: (1) Orange Juice were a Scottish post punk band founded in Glasgow. They were originally formed by Edwyn Collins as the Nu-Sonics in 1976 which became Orange Juice in 1979. The group is perhaps best known for the hit "Rip it Up", which reached #8 on the UK singles charts in February 1983, the band's only UK top 40 single. The band's first official show was on April 20th, 1979 at the Victoria Cafe at the Glasgow School of Art. Read more on Last.fm

Track: I Can't Help Myself

Album: Coals To Newcastle

Track Listing:

1Falling And Laughing - Postcard Version2:40
2Moscow - Postcard Version1:21
3Moscow Olympics1:27
4Felicity (live)1:68
5Blue Boy1:74
6Love Sick1:47
7Simply Thrilled Honey1:60
8Breakfast Time - Postcard Version1:16
9Poor Old Soul, Pt. 11:50
10Poor Old Soul (Part Two)1:59
11Louise Louise - Glasgow School version1:70
12Three Cheers For Our Side - Glasgow School version1:72
13(To Put It In A) Nutshell - Glasgow School version2:46
14Satellite City - Glasgow School version1:62
15Consolation Prize - Glasgow School version1:90
16Holiday Hymn - Glasgow School version1:80
17Intuition Told Me, Pt. 1 - Glasgow School version:74
18Intuition Told Me, Pt. 2 - Glasgow School version2:02
19Wan Light - Glasgow School version1:50
20Dying Day - Glasgow School version1:89
21Texas Fever - Glasgow School version1:04
22Tender Object - Glasgow School version2:81
23Poor Old Soul (french version)1:55
24Poor Old Soul (Instrumental Version)2:65
25Simply Thrilled Honey - Felicity Flexi version1:59
26Botswana - Felicity Flexi version:75
27Time To Develop - Felicity Flexi version1:06
28Blue Boy - Felicity Flexi version1:80
1Falling and Laughing2:28
2Untitled Melody1:25
3Wan Light1:43
4Tender Object2:65
5Dying Day1:79
6L.O.V.E. Love2:14
7Intuition Told Me (part 1):69
8Upwards and Onwards1:47
9Satellite City1:60
10Three Cheers for Our Side1:69
11Consolation Prize1:90
13In a Nutshell2:56
14Intuition Told Me (part 2)2:03
16You Old Eccentric1:69
17Two Hearts Together (10" version)2:46
18I Can't Help Myself (7" Version)2:10
19Tongues Begin to Wag2:55
1Rip It Up2:94
2A Million Pleading Faces1:95
3Mud in Your Eye2:35
4Turn Away2:00
5Breakfast Time3:07
6I Can't Help Myself3:04
7Flesh of My Flesh1:93
8Louise Louise1:75
11Rip it Up (12" Version)2:34
12Snake Charmer2:86
13Lovesick (re-recording)1:35
14Flesh of My Flesh (7" version)1:96
15Lord John White and the Bottleneck Train (12" version)1:92
16Flesh Of My Flesh (12" version)2:59
17All That Ever Mattered - Rip It Up outtake4:45
2Craziest Feeling1:82
3Punch Drunk2:10
4The Day I Went Down to Texas1:62
5A Place in My Heart1:75
6A Sad Lament2:81
7Out For The Count - B-side version2:85
8Bridge (Summer '83 version)2:08
9Poor Old Soul (re-recording)1:94
10Leaner Period2:26
11Move Yourself1:93
12The Day I Went Down To Texas (flexi version)1:73
13Craziest Feeling - alternate version1:83
14Bridge - alternate version2:15
15The Day I Went Down To Texas - alternate version1:63
16A Place In My Heart - alternate version1:80
17Out For The Count - alternate version2:35
18Punch Drunk - alternate version2:12
1Lean Period1:99
2I Guess I'm Just a Little Too Sensitive2:31
3Burning Desire2:15
5The Artisans1:45
6What Presence?!2:37
7Out for the Count2:85
8Get While the Gettings Good2:15
9All That Ever Mattered2:59
10Salmon Fishing in New York1:80
11What Presence?! (12" version)2:47
12A Place In My Heart (12" dub version)1:89
13in a nutshell (live)2:39
14Simply Thrilled Honey1:60
15Dying Day (live)1:97
16Bury My Head in My Hands1:91
17Lean Period (12" Dub Version)2:48
18Rip It Up (live)2:06
19What Presence?!2:37
20Burning Desire (Alexis Mix)2:10
21All That Ever Mattered - Alternate Mix2:61
1Poor Old Soul - John Peel BBC session '801:56
2You Old Eccentric - John Peel BBC session '801:42
3Falling And Laughing - John Peel BBC session '802:04
4Lovesick - John Peel BBC session '801:44
5Upwards And Onwards - Richard Skinner BBC session '811:44
6Wan Light - Richard Skinner BBC session '811:51
7Felicity - Richard Skinner BBC session '811:54
8Dying Day - John Peel BBC session '811:91
9Holiday Hymn - John Peel BBC session '811:87
10Three Cheers For Our Side - John Peel BBC session '811:74
11Blokes on 45 - John Peel BBC session '812:65
12Mud In Your Eye - Kid Jensen BBC session '822:23
13I Can't Help Myself - Kid Jensen BBC session '821:98
14In Spite Of It All - Kid Jensen BBC session '821:62
15Turn Away - Kid Jensen BBC session '821:80
16What Presence?! - Kid Jensen BBC session '842:45
17Salmon Fishing In New York - Kid Jensen BBC session '841:52
18Bridge - Kid Jensen BBC session '842:02
19BBC Interview Part One2:90
20BBC interview part two2:12

Top Tracks

# Title Plays
1Rip It Up
2Falling and Laughing
3Blue Boy
4I Can't Help Myself
5Wan Light
6Consolation Prize
7Satellite City
8Tender Object
10Untitled Melody