Eurythmics were a new wave duo from the United Kingdom, currently disbanded but known to reunite from time to time. Consisting of musician/producer David A. Stewart (often referred to as Dave Stewart) and singer-songwriter Annie Lennox, they formed in 1980 after the breakup of their former band The Tourists. Best known for their 1982 single "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)" and album of the same name, they had a striking visual image, with Lennox having a very androgynous persona. Read more on

Track: Here Comes The Rain Again

Album: Boxed

Track Listing:

1English Summer (Remastered Version)2:40
2Belinda - Remastered Version2:38
3Take Me To Your Heart - Remastered Version2:12
4She's Invisible Now - Remastered Version2:09
5Your Time Will Come - Remastered Version2:71
6Caveman Head - Remastered Version2:38
7Never Gonna Cry Again - Remastered Version1:85
8All The Young (People Of Today) - Remastered Version2:53
9Sing-Sing (Remastered Version)2:43
10Revenge (Remastered Version)2:71
11Le Sinestre - Remastered Version1:64
12Heartbeat Heartbeat - Remastered Version1:23
13Never Gonna Cry Again - Live - Remastered Version2:76
144/4 In Leather - Live - Remastered Version1:85
15Take Me To Your Heart - Live - Remastered Version3:00
1Love Is A Stranger (Remastered Version)2:22
2I've Got An Angel (Remastered Version)1:64
3Wrap It Up - Remastered Version2:13
4I Could Give You (A Mirror) - Remastered Version2:30
5The Walk - Remastered Version2:83
6Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)2:28
7Jennifer (Remastered Version)3:05
8This Is The House (Remastered Version)3:00
9Somebody Told Me - Remastered Version2:09
10This City Never Sleeps - Remastered Version4:00
11Home Is Where The Heart Is (Remastered Version)1:79
12Monkey Monkey (Remastered Version)3:15
13Baby's Gone Blue - Remastered Version2:57
14Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) (Hot remix)3:19
15Love Is A Stranger - Coldcut Remix / Remastered Version4:38
16Satellite Of Love (Remastered Version)2:77
1Here Comes The Rain Again (Remastered Version)2:91
2Regrets (Remastered Version)2:79
3Right By Your Side (Remastered Version)2:45
4Cool Blue (Remastered Version)2:84
5Who's That Girl? - Remastered Version2:86
6The First Cut (Remastered Version)2:82
7Aqua (Remastered Version)2:73
8No Fear, No Hate, No Pain (No Broken Hearts)3:24
9Paint A Rumour (Remastered Version)4:51
10You Take Some Lentils & You Take Some Rice (Lentil)1:81
11ABC (Freeform) (Remastered Version):0
12Plus Something Else - Remastered Version3:20
13Paint A Rumour - Long Version / Remastered Version4:77
14Who's That Girl (Live) - Remastered Version2:08
15Here Comes The Rain Again (Live) (Remastered Version):0
16Fame - Remastered Version1:61
1Would I Lie To You? - Remastered Version2:66
2There Must Be An Angel (Playing With My Heart) (Remastered Version):0
3I Love You Like A Ball And Chain2:44
4Sisters Are Doin' It for Themselves (Remastered Version)3:57
5Conditioned Soul - Remastered Version2:70
6Adrian - Remastered Version2:73
7It's Alright (Baby's Coming Back) (Remastered Version)2:27
8Here Comes That Sinking Feeling3:40
9Better to Have Lost in Love (Than Never to Have Loved at All)3:06
10Grown Up Girls - Remastered Version2:52
11Tous Les Garçons Et Les Filles - Remastered Version2:05
12Sisters Are Doin' It for Themselves (ET Mix)4:75
13Would I Lie To You?2:65
14Conditioned Soul - Live - Remastered Version3:08
15Hello I Love You1:70
1Missionary Man2:68
2Thorn In My Side (Remastered Version)2:53
3When Tomorrow Comes - Remastered Version2:57
4The Last Time - Remastered Version2:51
5Miracle Of Love3:05
6Let's Go! - Remastered Version2:48
7Take Your Pain Away (Remastered Version)2:70
8A Little Of You - Remastered Version2:34
9In This Town - Remastered Version2:23
10I Remember You (Remastered Version)3:00
11When Tomorrow Comes (Extended Version)3:96
12Thorn In My Side (Extended Version)4:14
13Missionary Man (Extended Version)4:10
14When Tomorrow Comes (Live Acoustic Version)1:99
15Revenge 2 (Remastered Version)3:40
16My Guy1:18
1Beethoven (I Love To Listen To)2:88
2I've Got A Lover (Back In Japan)2:65
3Do You Want To Break Up? (Remastered Version)2:18
4You Have Placed A Chill In My Heart (Remastered Version)2:32
5Shame - Remastered Version2:67
6Savage - Remastered Version2:50
7I Need A Man - Remastered Version2:63
8Put The Blame On Me (Remastered Version)2:24
9Heaven (Remastered Version)2:08
10Wide Eyed Girl (Remastered Version)2:09
11I Need You (Remastered Version)2:04
12Brand New Day (Remastered Version)2:22
13Beethoven - Extended Philharmonic Version / Remastered Version2:71
14Shame - Dance Mix / Remastered Version3:38
15I Need A Man - Macho Mix / Remastered Version3:55
16I Need You (Live/Remastered Version):0
17Come Together (Remastered Version)2:02
1We Two Are One - Remastered Version2:75
2The King And Queen Of America - Remastered Version2:71
3(My My) Baby's Gonna Cry - Remastered Version2:94
4Don't Ask Me Why (Remastered Version)2:61
5Angel - Remastered Version3:12
6Revival (Remastered Version)2:44
7You Hurt Me (And I Hate You) - Remastered Version2:63
8Sylvia (Remastered Version)2:84
9How Long? (Remastered Version)2:82
10When The Day Goes Down (Remastered Version)3:57
11Precious (Remastered Version)2:16
12See No Evil (Remastered Version)2:54
13The King And Queen Of America - Dance Remix / Remastered Version3:69
14Angel - Choir Version / Remastered Version3:47
15Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me - Remastered Version2:06
117 Again - Remastered Version2:60
2I Saved The World Today - Remastered Version2:93
3Power To The Meek - Remastered Version2:11
4Beautiful Child - Remastered Version2:05
5Anything But Strong (Remastered Version)3:04
6Peace Is Just A Word - Remastered Version3:59
7I've Tried Everything - Remastered Version2:57
8I Want It All - Remastered Version2:11
9My True Love - Remastered Version2:85
10Forever - Remastered Version2:48
11Lifted (Remastered Version)2:89
12Beautiful Child (Acoustic Version)1:98
1317 Again (Acoustic Version)2:67
14I Saved The World Today (Acoustic Version)1:52
15Something In The Air Tonight2:26

Top Tracks

# Title Plays
1Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)
2Here Comes The Rain Again
3Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) - Remastered
4There Must Be An Angel (Playing With My Heart)
5Love Is a Stranger
6I Saved The World Today
7Thorn in My Side
8When Tomorrow Comes
9Miracle Of Love
10Missionary Man